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Cost of Living in Chiang Mai

Cost of Living in Chiang Mai
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Why Chiang Mai?

The cost of living in Chiang Mai is unbelievably affordable. It is very economical for foreigners from developed western countries to live here. When they make a comparison between Chiang Mai and wherever they used to live before that, they are usually stunned and thankful. The cost of living in Chiang Mai would feel 10 times lighter…

The pace of life these days is so rapid and costly that a retired people need to think of a quick fix, to keep their monthly expenses within the budget, and to make the most of it. The pension doesn’t seem enough in western countries, as the costs of every facility raises rapidly with the years. The growing costs of living and the frustrations that they bring along are indisputably and unhealthy for life.

Likewise, if you are not retired, the costs of living can still bother you just as much. Cheap and easy living, yet safe and comfortable, seems like a dream nowadays, that won’t ever come true.
If you are planning on a new fresh start somewhere else in our global word (the revolution of globalism is here!), then you should definitely consider Chiang Mai Thailand.

Why so? First of all it is a cheap place to live in and the life in Chiang Mai is pretty easy and simple to blend in with. It is especially attractive place for people who have retired, or younger people with a stable passive income. A passive monthly income of $1000 would be enough for a decent living in Chiang Mai!
Chiang Mai offers you the alternative of low costs, yet very high quality of amenities and services, which makes everything easier.


Serviced Apartment Chiang Mai

If you are looking for a budget serviced apartment in Chiang Mai, then you can easily find a well-furnished and spacious one, at the cost of ~$300/month.

You also get the facilities of cables, TV, Air conditioner and internet all within this price tag. This kind of serviced apartments in Chiang Mai should have a small kitchenette usually. Anyway, in every corner in Chiang Mai, there are plenty of restaurants, where you can grab a decent meal for just about 3 USD. Yes, you read right! You can also get Western meals easily for maximum 6-7 USD.

chiang mai serviced apartment


Grab a Taxi in Chiang Mai

If you are looking for cheap transport, then you can opt for red pickup truck (songthaew). A seat on red bus in Chiang Mai costs merely 1 USD.
Alternatively, the transportation by taxi in Chiang Mai or Tuk-Tuk, within the city, would hardly cost you 6 USD.

chiang mai red truck

chiang mai taxi

Happy Ending Chiang Mai

You can also head out for a perfect Thai massage, costing you just 7 USD in most massage shops. Happy ending in Chiang Mai is also available mainly in Loi Kroh Road, almost in all massage shops, if you ask nicely and add another 10 USD as a tip.

Medical Services in Chiang Mai

Talk about expensive doctors but not while you are in Chiang Mai! The medical providers in this city are really cheap and render highly satisfying and excellent services. Thailand is famous for the first rate and top notch medical services that it offers, so automatically, you can trust the medical services in Chiang Mai. A dental cleaning and filling is hardly going to cost you 40 USD. Dental surgeries are also very affordable. You can get a crown fixed and done within 250 USD from a great doctor who is also fluent in English. What else can one ask for? Foreigners who visit Chiang Mai just for tourism purposes usually do get their dental checkups in the city as their services are really great. This fast also encourages the growing phenomena of medical Tourism to Thailand, and specifically to Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Many hospitals and high proficiency clinics are scattered around the city, so no matter where you lease your serviced apartment in Chiang Mai, there will be medical facility nearby. Some of the most known hospitals in the city: Chiang Mai Ram Hospital, Sriphat Medical Center, Lanna Hospital, Chiang Mai Dental Hospital.

chiang mai dental clinic

If you just arrive for vacation ,here are our recommended rooms in Chiang Mai to book on Airbnb, immediate, safe and easy:

1.) Homestay Chiang Mai
2.) Family Home Chiang Mai



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