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Living in Chiang Mai

Living in Chiang Mai
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Living in Chiang Mai


Cost of Living in Chiang Mai

Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for a foreigner, is nothing less than bliss. Foreigners who have retired or young people with a small stable monthly income can literally enjoy their life with a budget of just $1000 per month. I know that sounds unreal, but approaching this city will open up all of its treasures to you. The cost of living in Chiang Mai is unbelievably affordable, and it is very economical for foreigners from developed western countries to live here.


Chiang Mai – City Profile

Chiang Mai is located in the Northern Thailand and is the largest city in the highlands there. It is embraced by lovely mountains and is historically very significant in Thailand’s culture. There are traditional treasures in this city which are eye and mind captivating, e.g Doi Shutep and huge amount of temples scattered in this city and around it. Chiang Mai Thailand is extremely rich in heritage too. If you wish to see the most adored places in the city, then don’t forget to visit Chiang Mai Old City and Nimman.

There are so many sights that please the human eye that selecting the best residential area for yourself is going to get a little tough. Chiang Mai has a lot of tourists visiting it. 70% of the tourists, who visit Thailand, also make sure that they visit this amazing city as well.

chiang mai from doi suthep
View of Chiang Mai from Doi Suthep


People and Culture in Chiang Mai

The Thai locals in Chiang Mai welcome foreigners whole heartedly and with a very pleasing behavior, as the best of the Thai culture, which is known by its friendliness and warmness. This attracts more and more foreigners towards the city. As Chiang Mai is located in the northern area, the Lanna tribe is in abundance here. If you adore arts and crafts, then the people of this tribe and the city in all are going to influence you a lot. Various workshops are held in the city which boost their cultural art and craft and also give the foreigners to learn about it.

Thailand is famous as an “all smiles” land and Chiang Mai portrays it completely. Every passerby makes sure to smile at one another and if you are a foreigner or have just moved in, people of this city are going to be very helpful towards you. This makes it easier for foreigners to move and adjust in the city, without much hesitation and nostalgia.


Affordable and Fresh Produce

If you love making food at home, then you will be very happy to see that the produce in Chiang Mai’s marketplace is very cheap. You can get all types of local and imported food and produce at very reasonable costs, while living in Chiang Mai. Eating out still remains cheaper, than getting the produce, in Chiang Mai. People who move I here after retirement, usually stick to eating out as they get a chance to spend in other ways like attending spas or going out on the northern sides etc. But if you love cooking, you won’t be going empty handed when buying the produce. It is very affordable and the foreigners will feel the difference for sure.



Chiang Mai offers a very comfort lifestyle in a low cost relatively. In today’s world, the expenses in western countries seem to be touching the skies. On the other hand, the world become more and more global, hence here is the cause and opportunity to start a fresh page in a new city elsewhere, living in Chiang Mai can be an ideal alternative to living in a western city: this city has the combination of safety, modernism, together with a low cost of living. Moreover, if you plan do have a business here, then this city offers a low cost of manpower costs as well.


chiang mai top view

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