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Thai Visa at Savannakhet Laos

Thai Visa at Savannakhet Laos
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Thai Visa at Savannakhet Laos

Up until February 2019, Vientiane Laos was considered as the preferred place to apply for 2 months Thai Tourist visa. Since then regulations have changed, and now need to set an appointment through their website. Sometimes the only available slots are 1 month away…

For those of you who feel sad that the “party” of an easy Thai visa in Vientinane Laos is over, we have good news – The Thai embassy in Savannakhet Laos, accepts walk-in applicants and it is currently easy to get your Thai Tourist visa of 60 days there.

The Embassy which is also a Thai consulate, is located about 10-15 minutes on foot from Savannakhet central bus station. Just turn left on the main road and proceed straight, you should see the Thai Embassy Savannakhet on your left hand side.

bus terminal savannakhet
Savannakhet bus terminal


route from bus to thai embassy
Google map – the route from Savannakhet Bus station to the Thai consulate


There is no need to prepare nothing in advance, as across the road there are a stalls for the purpose of visa application assistance. On the way to from the bus terminal to the Thai Consulate you can find this stall on your right hand side.

visa photo copy
Visa service stall


visa service stall
Service stall, combined with a local “restaurant” beside to the Thai Consulate – just across the road.


At the stall which is beside to the Thai consulate, you can relax with a cup of coffee (5,000 KIP for a coffee and a small cake) and use their photo copying service conveniently. The price is pretty fair, since they make all you need for the visa easily accessible. A form/ photo copy costs only 2,000 KIP per page. They also make passport photos if needed.

Just take a table, fill out the form in 5 minutes, use their glue to paste 2 passport photos to the form. Then make 1 copy of your main passport’s photo page and photo of your last visa stamp as well. Prepare 1,000 THB and head out across the street to the Thai Consulate of Savannakhet.

thai consulate savannakhet
Thai Consulate Savannakhet Laos


Your visa should be ready in the following business day. Please pay attention to the Thai Holidays schedule here.

There are not many budget accommodations in Savannakhet. If you do not feel the need to socialize and want to be close to the Thai embassy, then there are private rooms inside Savannakhet bus station zone.

If you wish to experience the atmosphere of this city, even for the short time while you stay there for your Thai visa, then and the best choice could be a dormitory room at Cafe Savan, next to the Mekong River. The atmosphere is good the beds are cozy and clean, even though the rooms look like haven’t been dusted for a while. A bed at the dormitory room currently costs 65 K KIP/night.

cafe savan
Café Savan


mekong river sakannakhet
Mekong River – Sakannakhet Laos


If you need a good quality WiFi, you can spend your evening at Lin’s Café or at Khunthabulee Restaurant and Bar , both of them 5 minutes on foot from Café Savan. The price in their menu is not cheap for budget travellers, but you can choose the normal local dishes: a stir fried pork/chicken/seafood with rice would cost just about 20-25 K KIP in Khunthabulee Restaurant and Bar, and a vegetarian food would cost the same in Lin’s Café, you can combine this with a fruit shake in 20 K KIP and you got a meal in 40 -50 K – less than 200 THB, which is reasonable in Laos. Moreover the good strong A/C and Wifi that you get together justify the price. The staff would not bother you and you may sit there on your mobile/computer for hours. They will even serve you a glass of water from time to time. If you want to really feel like a king for 1 day then Khunthabulee Restaurant is warmly recommended – they would even open the door and move the chair for you.

best coffee shop savannakhet
Lin’s Café


nightlife savannakhet
Khunthabulee Restaurant and Bar


ameircan breakfast savannakhet
American Breakfast at “Khunthabulee Restaurant and Bar”. 40 K KIP including hot drink, soft drinks and fruits salad!


If you need to change money and feel lost in this sleepy hot city, then use the following map. The red star icons on the map show locations of exchange shops. We do not recommend to pay in any foreign currency since they charge a big commission. On the contrary, the exchange shops offer an excellent exchange rate – sometime better than what you see online! Just keep in mind that most of businesses are closed during the weekend, so prepare your Laos cash (KIP) in advance. Khunthabulee Restaurant & Bar and the exchange of BCEL Bank are open throughout the week, including the weekend. Beware – not evey exchange sells US dollars – if you need USD then head to the following spots marked in red star on the map.


money exchange Savvanakhet
Google Map – Money exchange in Savvanakhet – marked in red stars


savannakhet money exchange
Savannakhet money exchange – BCEL Bank


During the evening there is “Savanh” Night Market next to Lin’s Cafe, which offers meals at the range of 10-30 K KIP – really great food, and it is located 3 minutes on foot from Café Savan.

savannakhet Night market
Savannakhet Night Market


savannakhet city centre
Google Map – savannakhet city centre, with “starred” points of interests


If you want cheap western food then there is this shop of fishing gear at the main road, across the road from BCEL (review map above). They currently have a stall outside the store and they offer a fried piece of chicken + French fries (Kentucky fried chicken style) for just 10 K KIP. Their fishing rod’s price begins from just 65 K KIP, so you should consider a day of fishing at the Mekong River. The small fishing rod in 65 K KIP might fit with your backpack – so you might be able to take it with you – worth a try!

savannakhet fried chicken
Savannakhet fried chicken and French fries


savannakhet fishing gear
Savannakhet fishing gear


If you changed your mind or your Thai visa was not approved from some reason, why won’t you just take it easy and go to Vietnam? Applying for a Vietnamese visa is really easy – The Vietnamese consulte in Savannakhet is located 5 minutes on foot from the bus terminal (be aware as they have rellocated to a new building) come with dollars and 1 passport photo.

The standard fee for 30 day visa is $45 currently, anyway you should consider a request for more than 1 month since the difference of fee between 1 month to 3 months is very small relatively…

Keep in mind: the fee changes from country to country and we have heard that americans pay much more, for example. Therefore, even if you are not an American, you should get more dollars with you, just in case. The Vietnamesse embassy is open during the week days from 8:00 -11:00 and then 14:00 – 16:00, there isn’t any queue inside, so you just come in and approach the counter immediately.


vietnamese consulate savannakhet - map
Vietnamese consulate Savannakhet on Google Map, where the red star is.


vietnamesse consulate savannakhet
Vietnamesse consulate Savannakhet


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